Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

(The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod)

802 East Trapp Street

Herington, Kansas  67449

(785)258 – 3122

Pastor Lovett cell phone – (620) 292-7098


Church e-mail – orlclcms@sbcglobal.net    web address – www.ourredeemerherington.org            

  Pastor Lovett’s email: rev_lovett@yahoo.com

Divine Service – 10:30 am (Holy Communion – First, Third and Fifth Sundays)

Tabitha Society

                 The next meeting is on November 8th at 8:00 pm.  Susan Mueller will be the Hostess and will also have Topic, and Helen Mitchell will have Devotions.  Gifts for the FRE will be Soup and Crackers.  They are also always in need of juice.


Sunday school

We will have breakfast at 9:15 am prior to classes. There will be a signup sheet in the kitchen for anyone who would like to bring breakfast.  We are also always looking for people willing to help teach.  There is an interest in starting an 8th -12th grade Sunday school class.  We have one teacher but need at least 2 more for rotation.  If anyone is interested in helping please contact Pastor Lovett.  Until then 8th – 12th grades should be attending the adult class.



                Catechesis has begun.  Class will run from 6:30pm to 8pm.  The entire congregation is invited to join in midweek chapel every Wednesday from 7:30 – 8:00pm.


November Elder of the Month

The Elder for the month of November is Jeff Mortensen                         

Alter Guild of the Month

The Alter guilds for the month of November is Barbara Kickhaefer & Tammie Roe

Alter Servers Schedule

11/5 – Josh Lovett, Mason Mortensen, Jax Kickhaefer & Sarah Lovett

11/12 – Luke Obermeyer, Tyler Brockmeier, Grant Eskeldson & Emma Kickhaefer

11/19 – Josh Lovett, Mason Mortensen, Kristopher Lovett & Chloe Biehler

11/26 – Luke Obermeyer, Jax Kickhaefer, Sarah Lovett & Emma Kickhaefer


Meetings/Events in November

11/1        6:30 – 8pm           Catechesis/ Alter Guild Meeting @ 8pm  

11/2        10 am                    Holy Communion at the Legacy of Herington

11/5                                        Daylight Savings Ends

11/8        6:30 – 8pm           Catechesis /7:30pm Vespers/Tabitha 8:00 pm

11/9        10 am                    Holy Communion at the Legacy of Herington

11/10-11/11                          Pastor in Houston for Conference

11/12                                      Helen Mitchell Birthday Dinner, Open House

11/12      6:30 – 8pm           Family Game Night

11/15      6:30 – 8pm           Catechesis /7:30 pm Vespers/ Annual Council Meeting 8pm

11/16      10 am                    Holy Communion at the Legacy of Herington

11/18                                      Schlesener/Wilson Wedding

11/19      after church        Annual Voters’ Meeting (Potluck???)/ Youth Group after church

11/22                                      NO Catechesis

11/22      7:30 pm                 Thanksgiving Eve Service

11/23      10 am                    Holy Communion at the Legacy of Herington

11/23                                      Thanksgiving

11/29      6:30 – 8pm           Catechesis /7:30 pm Vespers

11/30      10 am                    Holy Communion at the Legacy of Herington


November Birthdays

11/2         Helen Mitchell

11/3         Jerry Burwell

11/4         Carla Dose

11/7         Charlie Kickhaefer

11/8         Josh Schlesener

11/14       Cynthia Mowat

11/17       Shirley Burwell

11/17       Sheila Eskeldson

11/19       Amy Mortensen

11/20       Cindy Biehler

11/21       Barbara Schlesener

11/23       Kristopher Mueller

11/28       Adriane French


November Baptisms

11/3         Matt Roe

11/3         Macsen Wells

11/4         Viola Hubbard

11/8         Hugo Kickhaefer

11/8         Gloria Schultz

11/13       Helen Mitchell

11/17       Carrie Kickhaefer

11/22       Carla Dose

11/25       Tyler Brockmeier

11/25       Marsha Pagenkopf

11/28       Tom Eskeldson

11/30       Shirley Burwell


November Wedding Anniversaries

11/3         Gaylen & Carol Kickhaefer                  65 years

11/28       Nathan & Megan Lawrenz                    2 years