Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

(The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod)

802 East Trapp Street

Herington, Kansas  67449

(785)258 – 3122

Pastor Lovett cell phone – (620) 292-7098


Church e-mail – orlclcms@sbcglobal.net    web address – www.ourredeemerherington.org             

  Pastor Lovett’s email: rev_lovett@yahoo.com

Divine Service – 10:30 am (Holy Communion – First, Third and Fifth Sundays)

Tabitha Society

             The next meeting is on March 14 following the evening Lent service.  Gayle Clements will have Devotions.  Susan Mueller will be presenting the Topic and Barbara Kickhaefer will be the hostess.  Gifts for the FRE for this month are Meal Helpers. 


Sunday school

We will have breakfast at 9:15 am prior to classes. There is a signup sheet in the kitchen for anyone who would like to bring breakfast.  Anyone interested in teaching or just filling in once in awhile? Please contact Pastor if you are interested. There is an interest in starting an 8th -12th grade Sunday school class.  We have one teacher but need at least 2 more for rotation.  If anyone is interested in helping please contact Pastor Lovett.  Until then 8th – 12th grades should be attending the adult class. The whole congregation is encouraged to join us for Adult Sunday school every Sunday at 9:30am. Come in early and enjoy breakfast with the children at 9:15am. 



            Catechesis is going great for the children.  We have had many new faces join us in the past month.    Class runs from 6:30pm to 8pm.  We continue to invite the congregation to join in midweek chapel every Wednesday from 7:30 – 8:00pm for Vespers.


Sundays in Lent

March 4th – Lent 3 (Oculi) – The Sunday of the Dumb Demoniac

March 7th – Lenten Midweek 3, 7:30pm

March 11th – Lent 4 (Laetare) – the Sunday of the Feeding of the Five Thousand

March 14th – Lenten Midweek 4, 7:30pm


(last 2 weeks of Lent)

March 18th – Lent 5 (Judica) – the Sunday of the Passion

March 21st – Lenten Midweek 5, 7:30pm

March 25th – Lent 6 (Palmarum) – Palm Sunday

Holy Week & Easter Sunday

The Sacred Triduum

March 29th – Maundy Thursday, 7:30pm – the Feast of the Holy Supper

March 30th – Good Friday; chief service at 7:30pm

March 31st – Holy Saturday, Easter Vigil at 7:00pm

April 1st – Easter Sunday! – He is risen and has overcome death!


March Elder of the Month

The Elder for the month of March is Brandon French                      


Alter Guild of the Month

The Alter guilds for the month of March is Tammie Roe & Barbara Kickhaefer


Alter Servers Schedule

3/4 – Mason Mortensen, Grant Eskeldson, Kristopher Lovett & Chloe Biehler

3/11 – Jax Kickhaefer, Luke Obermeyer, Tyler Brockmeier & Sarah Lovett

3/18 – Emma Kickhaefer, Grant Eskeldson, Kristopher Lovett & Mason Mortensen

3/25 –  Jax Kickhaefer, Luke Obermeyer, Tyler Brockmeier & Chloe Biehler

Maundy Thursday – TBD

Good Friday – TBD

Vigil of Easter - TBD


Meetings/Events in March

3/4 – 3/6 – Pastor will be at SSP retreat. 

3/7       Catechesis 6:30 – 7:30pm

Lent Midweek Service 7:30pm

             Elders Meeting to follow the Lent Service

3/8       Legacy of Herington w/communion 10 am

            Lenten Lunch at First Baptist Church at 12:05pm

3/11     Family Game Night 6:30 pm please bring a side

3/13     Circuit 9 Pastor Conference @ Grace in Strong City 9am

3/14     Catechesis 6:30 – 7:30pm

            Lent Midweek Service 7:30 pm

            Tabitha to follow Lent Service

3/15     HMA at 9am

             Legacy of Herington w/communion 10 am

            Lenten Lunch at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church at 12:05p,

3/18     Youth Group meeting following church

3/21     Catechesis 6:30 – 7:30pm

            Lenten Midweek Service 7:30 pm

3/22     Legacy of Herington w/communion 10 am

            Lenten Lunch at First Baptist Church at 12:05pm

3/28     Catechesis 6:30 – 7:30pm

            Lenten Midweek 2 service 7:30 pm

3/29     Maundy Thursday Service 7:30pm

3/30     Lenten Lunch at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at 12:05pm

            Good Friday Service 7:30pm

3/31     Easter Vigil Service 7:30pm


March Birthdays

3/5      Ronson Strome

3/8      Megan Mortensen

3/13    Florence White

3/15    Jeff Kickhaefer

3/23    Allyson French

3/30    Susan Mueller


March Baptisms

3/7      Roger Krause

3/9      Meghan Brockmeier

3/9      Amber Brockmeier

3/15    Mark Wendt

3/18    Donna Krause

3/20    Ray Mueller

3/21    Mark Kickhaefer

3/31    Ronson Strome


March Wedding Anniversaries

3/28    Thomas & Lori Moldenhauer                       20 years



Here’s what’s coming up in Lent

The Augsburg Confession says of ceremony that: “ceremonies are needed for this reason alone, that they uneducated be taught what they need to know about Christ” (AC XXIV, 3). The Season of Lent is full of ritual and ceremony; especially the last two weeks of Lent called “Passiontide”. As Lent progresses toward Good Friday, the symbolism and rituals increase, serving to focus us all the more on the Lord’s sacrifice on the Cross.

Judica Sunday (March 18th)

Judica Sunday, also called Passion Sunday, begins the last two weeks of Lent, called Passiontide. The Gospel reading on Judica Sunday ends with the words, “Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple” marking the beginning of our Lord’s Passion. Our LSB Altar Book states that Passion Sunday is often marked by veiling crosses, crucifixes, and other images in the sanctuary. This veiling is customarily done after the Gospel Reading and before the Creed is confessed. They would remain veiled until the Vigil of Easter on Holy Saturday.

Passiontide is also marked by the silence of the “lesser Gloria”. The Greater Gloria went silent on Ash Wednesday. The “lesser Gloria”, also called the Gloria Patri, is found at the end of the Introit and the Nunc Dimittis (“Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit”). During Passiontide, because the glory of God is hidden in the suffering of Jesus, the lesser Gloria joins the Greater Gloria in silence.

Palm Sunday (March 25th)

Palm Sunday is marked most especially with the Procession of Palms, mimicking our Lord’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem when the crowds met Him with palm branches (a symbol of victory) and lay their cloaks before Him while the children were shouting, “Hosanna to the Son of David!” (“Hosanna” is a Hebrew word that means “salvation”). We join their praise every time we celebrate the Lord’s Supper in singing the Sanctus.

The Sacred Triduum

Maundy Thursday is a festival of Christ and so the color goes from violet to white. It is the feast of the institution of the Lord’s Supper. Because it is a feast of Christ, the Greater and lesser Glorias return. However, the Benediction is not said. Rather, after the Lord’s Supper is received the Altar is stripped bare while the congregation prays Psalm 22, the psalm our Lord prayed on the cross.

Good Friday is observed in a variety of ways. At Our Redeemer we have one chief service (7:30pm), marked by the reading of St. John’s Passion, the Reproaches, and the Adoration of the Cross. The Altar remains bare from Maundy Thursday.

Holy Saturday is observed by the Vigil of Easter. This is one of the longest services of the Church Year but is well worth it for its scope and depth (and because of Jesus!). Among other things, it focuses on the promise of deliverance for God’s people through many Old Testament readings finding its final fulfillment in the deliverance we have in Jesus Christ.