June / July 2012 Newsletter


Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

(The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod)

 Rev. Troy Slater, Pastor

802 East Trapp Street (intersection of US Highways 56 & 77)

 Herington, Kansas 67449


e-mail - orlclcms@sbcglobal.net || web address - www.ourredeemerherington.org


Because of the Cross of Our Redeemer,

We Have Forgiveness of Sins and Hope for Our Lives!


Worship Service - 10:30 am  (Holy Communion - First, Third & Fifth Sundays)



“You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.”      (1 Peter 2:9)


June/July Elder

The Elder for the month of June is Mark Kickhaefer, for July it is Armon Reith.

June/July Meetings/Events

June 7-9:                                Kansas District—LCMS Convention at Topeka

June 27:         7:30 pm            Board of Elders meeting

July 4:            6:00 pm to ???  Congregational Cookout @ Kansas District retreat center

July 24-28:     evenings           Vacation Bible School—Back to Jerusalem

July 25:          8:00 pm            Church Council meeting

July 29:          11:45 am          Church Potluck dinner

July 29:          12:15 pm          Quarterly Voters’ Assembly meeting

June/July Acolyte Schedule

June 3:           Emilie Roe and Kaylee Slater

June 10:         The Board of Elders                            

June 17:         Holly Brockmeier and Gene Hanson

June 24:         The Board of Elders

July 1:            Emilie Roe and Kaylee Slater

July 8:            The Board of Elders

July 15:          Holly Brockmeier and Gene Hanson

July 22:          The Board of Elders

July 29:          The Board of Elders

June/July Greeter Schedule

June 3:           Glen, Nancy, Holly, Meghan, Amber and Tyler Brockmeier

June 10:         Pastor, Julee, Ashten, Kaylee and Stephen Slater

June 17:         Rosemary Deines and Helen Sorenson

June 24:         Mark & Barb Kickhaefer

July 1:            Pooh and Mackenzie Schlesener

July 8:            Marcella Hermstein

July 15:          Metta Rae Biehler and family

July 22:          Tracy & Tammi Roth

July 29:          Ruth Bond and Margie Schlesener

August 5: Glen, Nancy, Holly, Meghan, Amber and Tyler Brockmeier


June/July Birthdays

Matlin Curran, 6/1                  Betty Myers, 6/1                      Arlene Barrett, 6/3

Mona Kniebel, 6/4                 Jackie Mueller, 6/6                   Metta Rae Biehler, 6/8

Gayle Clements, 6/8               J.P. Hanson, 6/11                     Linda Almes, 6/12

Alan Mitchell, 6/12                 Ardith Alt, 6/15                        Erin Beisel, 6/19

Barb Kickhaefer, 6/19           Mackenzie Schlesener, 6/21      Bruce Beeton, 6/22

Brad Pigorsch, 6/25               Anna Mae Stika, 6/26              Alvin Kickhaefer, 7/1

Jacob Mueller, 7/6                 Maleigha Corona, 7/7               Justus Rucker, 7/9

Steven Biehler, 7/10               Mike Kickhaefer, 7/10             Juanita Tousignant, 7/10

Shirley Rock, 7/14                 Shirley Zaideman, 7/15             Ed Riffel, 7/16

Joey Biehler, 7/24                  Cathy Martin, 7/26                   Pat Welch, 7/26

Judy Frisbie, 7/28                  Michelle Whitehead, 7/30         Georgia Rucker, 7/31

June/July Baptisms

Gene Myers, 6/1                    Aaron Biehler, 6/6                    Morgan Rigg, 6/7

Meghan Wells, 6/7                 Kaimey Evans, 6/13                 Taylor Kickhaefer, 6/13

Mike Frisbie, 6/14                 Arlene Barrett, 6/17                  Deb Coup, 6/17

Mona Kniebel, 6/18               Cathy Martin, 6/18                   Sherrie Hanson, 6/19

Ruth Kickhaefer, 6/19            Betty Myers, 6/20                    Trenton Millspaugh, 6/20

Bonnie Foxx, 6/21                 Jayson Emig, 6/21                    Verlon Mueller, 6/22

Metta Rae Biehler, 6/24         Barbara Kickhaefer, 7/1           Tonya Whitten, 7/1

Gayle Clements, 7/4               Mackenzie Schlesener, 7/6       Linda Almes - 7/11

Matlin Curran - 7/14              Ardith Alt - 7/18                       Allyson French - 7/19

Bailey French - 7/19              Jillian French - 7/19                  Justus Rucker - 7/21

Alvin Kickhaefer - 7/23          Ayden Lawrenz - 7/27              Anthony Paige - 7/29

Elsie Riffel - 7/30                   Anna Mae Stika - 7/30             Donna Staatz - 7/31

June/July Wedding Anniversaries

Gene & Ruth Kickhaefer                    June 2              (28 years)

Frank & Anna Mae Stika                   June 2              (56 years)

Gary & Carrie Kickhaefer                  June 4              (24 years)

Alan & Cindy Mitchell                        June 4              (24 years)

Tyson & Nora Utech                         June 11            (1 year)

Howard & Shirley Klein                     June 17            (59 years)

Larry & Karon Lawrenz                     June 17            (34 years)

Francis & Ardith Alt                           June 29            (44 years)

Jim & Metta Rae Biehler                    June 30            (49 years)

Wayne & Viola Hubbard                   July 10             (58 years)

Kenny & Tammie Roe                       July 25             (20 years)

Jeff & Amy Mortensen                       July 29             (12 years)


Please lift up in prayer

Those facing health difficulties:

 Marilyn Keeler; David Schultz; Ed & Elsie Riffel

Our shut-in members and friends:

 Velma Denver; Larry Brockmeier; Helene Brunner; Roger Krause; Harry Lawrenz; Frank Stika; Shirley Vinyard; Lorene Will

Other petitions:

for our persecuted brothers in sisters in Christ around the world

Prayer Requests from our Together-In-Mission (TIM) partner, Rev. Tim Heiney:

- Pray for Felix Mamadouno. He is the president of the Guinea church. He has a heart condition and has been to Conakry several times for expensive treatment. Finally they told him that what he needs is not available in Guinea. He will need to travel to some other country like Ghana or Senegal where more advanced treatment is available. This is going to be way beyond the means of his family or even the church.

- Pray that the ordination of our vicars in Guinea - Felix Mamadouno, Thomas Tolno, and Thomas Kamano - which has been delayed several times now, will finally get done.

- Pray for our son Jonathan who is having a lot of trouble with unexplained thickening and clotting of his blood.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”   (Philippians 4:6)


“Member? Or Disciple?”                                        From Pastor Slater

Several months ago, I asked the Board of Elders a question that would be good for all of us to ask ourselves: What’s the difference between being a ‘good church member’ and being ‘a disciple of our Lord’? … One member of the Board said there isn’t a difference. And I would agree that there isn’t or at least shouldn’t be a difference.  But has there become a difference?

With this in mind, I recently came across some thoughts that were shared by someone I know and thought I would pass them on to you for your prayerful and penitential    consideration.  Here goes:

As a worshiper within our church, would you classify yourself as a MEMBER or as a DISCIPLE?  Sounds like a trick question … so let’s break down the definitions of MEMBER and DISCIPLE.

A MEMBER: has privileges.  A DISCIPLE: has responsibilities.

A member has been baptized into the family of God and has confirmed his faith.  A disciple has been baptized and confirmed, and knows the need for continuing access to the food of God’s Word and of ‘inwardly digesting’ that Word in both personal and corporate worship and Bible Study.

A member tends to have a private faith life.  A disciple continues to share his faith—by word and deed—with others, so that they too will grow in their faith.

A member looks within the church to see programs offered that can meet his needs.  A disciple looks outside himself, noting those who are in need of God’s love, and looks for avenues to bring the Good News of Jesus by meeting the needs of others.

A member comes to church to fulfill his weekly obligation to God during one hour of worship on Sunday morning.  A disciple comes, and prays for the Holy Spirit to connect him with his Savior and other worshipers through the worship service, Bible study, and prayer.

A member sees the building as a place to visit once a week.  A disciple sees the building as a place to hear the message of Jesus and His love for all people.  Worship strengthens faith and prepares us for service to the Savior.

If we rely on Sunday morning worship alone to help us grow from members into disciples, we are cheating ourselves and our Savior’s call to service.  As we are     becoming ‘equipped for service,’ we need each other within the body of Christ to  support and encourage each other for service to those who are in spiritual, physical, or emotional need.

Are disciples perfect? … In Christ, yes, but yet, in this world, no.  But in this world we are being perfected daily through God’s Word and the redeeming work of Christ.  And as redeemed people of God, we are called to be followers (i.e. disciples) of Him who “came not to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.”

May God—by His grace and Spirit—make us members of His church, to truly be His disciples.


Summer Sunday School

“Lutheranism 101” is a fresh and comprehensive look at the basics of the Christian faith that the Middle School/High School class along with the Adult Sunday School class will be journeying through this summer.  Whether you were confirmed two months ago or eighty years ago, you are sure to learn and grow in the faith through this study which will be led by Pastor Slater and Steve Foxx.  There will also be a combined summer Sunday School class for preschool and elementary school aged children.  So join us at 9:15 as together we grow in Christ!

Vacation Bible School!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 22nd through Thursday, July 26th for Our Redeemer’s 2012 Vacation Bible School!  We will be hopping into a time machine and traveling back in time as we go “Back to Jerusalem” for a week of hearing of Jesus our Savior!  Be watching the bulletins for more details on how you can help in this adventure of sharing the good news of Jesus with the children of our communities.

Tabitha Society  

The Tabitha Society will not meet in June or July.  Our next meeting will be Wednesday, August 10th at 7:30 pm.  All ladies of Our Redeemer are welcome and invited to attend.  Hope to see you there!

Thought for the month: Christianity is being thankful for His abundance ...

Save the Date!

On Saturday, October 6th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, the Kansas District is once again hosting a Fall educational event live via webcast presented by Rev. Dr. Reed Lessing of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  This year’s topic will be “Exploring the Psalms” and will be hosted at various sites across Kansas (TBD).  Dr. Lessing is a dynamic speaker and excellent teacher so please be sure not to miss this wonderful opportunity to learn and to grow in the faith.  More details will be coming this summer.

Second Quarter Voters’ Meeting

Sunday morning, July 29th, immediately following the morning’s worship service, we will host a potluck dinner for all and then hold our second quarter Voter’s Assembly meeting.  Reports from Pastor, our officers and boards will be presented.  All are invited and encouraged to attend.

Church Office Hours

A reminder that the church office is closed on Mondays.  If you need in the church building or desire to visit with Pastor the best time is Tuesday through Saturday mornings although you may want to call first to make sure he’s in.  If you are unable to reach Pastor Slater at the church office you can also try his cell phone (the local number is 512-9061).

July 4th—Congregational Cookout!!!

On Wednesday evening, July 4th, everyone is invited to the Kansas District Retreat Center which is located by the old Herington Lake.  Come at 6:00 pm and stay to watch the evening’s fireworks display presented by the City of Herington.  As those who were there last year can attest, the Retreat Center is the perfect spot from which to watch the fireworks!  Hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks will be provided.  If you would like, please bring a side dish to share.  Hope to see you there!

Vicar Assignment

As you’re probably aware, we received the disappointing news that we were not assigned a vicar for the 2012-2013 vicarage year.  This year’s vicarage class was the smallest in many, many years (around one hundred men between the two seminaries) and so there were twenty-seven congregations who applied for a vicar but did not receive one.  None of the first-time applicants were assigned a vicar and even some congregations that have been in the vicarage program did not receive a vicar this year.

So … what do we do?  That’s our next step.  To discuss if we want to apply again.  President Kohlmeier (our District President) is encouraging us to apply again as he feels Our Redeemer would be a great congregation to host a vicar.  But we still need to decide.  So, at the next few Voters’ Assembly meetings this will be discussed so please plan to attend.  And, as always, please continue to lift up in prayer all the vicars of the church and all those men who are preparing to serve the Lord and His church in the pastoral ministry.

Caregivers Seminars

The North Central-Flint Hills Area Agency on Aging is sponsoring one-day seminars in our area for those in need of some information and help in caring for loved ones.  Accurate health information, timely tips and practical ideas for caregiving will be shared in these free seminars which run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the following locations:

Thursday, June 28—Junction City at the First Methodist Church

Thursday, July 12—Salina at the Community Learning Center

Friday, July 13—Emporia at the Friendship Center

Monday, July 16—Council Grove at the Council Grove Senior Center

Topics include: fall prevention and assisting with mobility, medicine management, legal documents for caregivers, managing stress, and taking time for fun!  Lunch will be provided.  For more information or to register, please call Stefani Horton at 1-800-432-2703 or send an e-mail to stefanih@ncfhaaa.com.


Preschool Update

Our Preschool classes for next year are currently taking enrollment forms for next year’s students.  If you know of someone who has a child who will be three or four years-old by next September 1st, please let them know of our outstanding and Christ-centered preschool.  If anyone has any questions, they can contact our Director, Mrs. Tamara Blake at 257-3239.  Please keep Mrs. Blake and our assistant teacher—Mrs. Giesella Mueller—as well as next year’s students, in your prayers!

Recycle and Support Our Preschool!

Support our Preschool by recycling your used printer ink cartridges and old cell phones by bringing them to church and dropping them in the collection box located on the resource table in the narthex. The Preschool will receive funds for every inkjet cartridge or cell phone that is recycled.  It’s an easy way to support our preschool while keeping these items out of our landfills.  Thanks for your help!

Saints Alive After 55

All Saints of God over age 55 are invited to gather for an inspirational time of spiritual enrichment in a relaxed atmosphere and fellowship with wonderful people from all over Kansas.  The event will be held July 22-24 at the Spiritual Life Center of Wichita under the theme “Our Guaranteed Investment—Matthew 6:19-24”.  Former Synodical First Vice-President Rev. William Diekelman will be the keynote speaker.  Registration cost of $160 per person includes six meals and two nights of lodging at the Spiritual Life Center.  For more information see the flyer and registration form posted on the bulletin board in the narthex or see the link at www.kslcms.org.

Lutheran Family Retreat

Looking for a mini-vacation? One last weekend away before school starts? Join us at the Lutheran Family Retreat, August 3-5, at Camp Webster (just east of Salina).  The Camp provides air-conditioned housing and dining, plus lots of fun activities for the family.  Some favorites are swimming, fishing, canoeing, archery, zip line, climbing wall, hiking, sand dig, playground, games, and much, much more.  Retreat fees are $80.00 per person, age 4 and older and $15.00 for children 3 and under.  A $15.00 deposit for all attendees 4 and older is required by July 16th.  For more retreat details, visit the website at www.lutheranfamilyretreat.org.  You can also register on-line for the weekend of fun!  Any additional questions contact: Carroll & Barb Hackbart or Ivan & Barb Grimm at cbhack@yahoo.com or bgrimm@everestkc.net or 785-494-2425 or 913-685-8360.


LutherHostel is an education and fellowship opportunity for adults fifty-five and older that is hosted by Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  This year’s LutherHostel is October 6th-9th (Saturday-Tuesday) and will meet under the theme: “One King-Two Kingdoms: Living as a Christian American”.  Dr. Joel Biermann, professor of systematic theology at Concordia Seminary will be the main presenter.  Cost is $325 which includes meals and registration. Housing is available on campus for an additional cost.  See the bulletin board in the narthex for additional information or see Pastor Slater if you might be interested.

Kansas District Singles Fall Event

The Kansas District Lutheran Singles group invites all interested single adults to join  for a weekend retreat at the Kansas District Retreat Center at the Herington Lake from Friday evening, October 19th, through noon on Sunday, October 21st.  Rev. Robert Weinkauf will lead the two study sessions as they meet under the theme “Living as One in the Spirit”.  Cost is $80 to stay at the Retreat Center or $55 if you will be commuting.  A brochure can be found on the bulletin board in the narthex or go to www.kslcms.org/Education Services/Adult/Singles for more information.